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Military Transitioning Employment Program

The Military Transitioning Employment Program (MTEP) is designed to support our veterans who want to enroll in or continue in postsecondary school under the enhanced post 9/11 GI Bill but cannot provide for themselves and their families on the limited monthly housing allowance provided. The served by this program include the greater Tampa Bay region consisting of Citrus, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

Through an internship program which is at the core of MTEP, the workforce development boards in the greater Tampa Bay region under the administration of CareerSource Tampa Bay and CareerSource Pinellas partner with local businesses to hire veterans who are receiving the GI Bill into one of two different tracks:
  1. A 13 week fulltime internship with a local employer directly linked to the individual’s academic program. It is the MTEP’s intent to coordinate with the education institution the veteran is attending to ensure that academic credit will be earned for this internship.
  2. A permanent part-time or full-time position with a local employer that will occur simultaneously with academic classroom training. The part-time position will be directly related to the veteran’s academic field of study. The employer will need to be flexible as these employees may need anywhere from six months to four years or longer to complete their education. The employee and employer will need to work out the scheduling of hours and the position could be full-time if each so desires.

The MTEP targets those recently separated veterans living in one of the eight counties in the greater Tampa Bay area who want to enroll in or who have already enrolled in postsecondary education but cannot support their families while attending school under the GI Bill. In addition, spouses of veterans who have a 100% service connected disability and are eligible for the GI Bill will be recruited and enrolled. If 50% of the veterans served through this program earn a bachelor’s degree their combined earnings will exceed 2 million dollars a year more than if they complete only high school.

The goals of the MTEP are to (1) provide financial support to our veterans through wages earned during an internship to enable them to start or continue in postsecondary training under the new GI Bill; (2) provide business partners with interns that have the potential to become regular fulltime employees; and (3) develop and implement various tools to assist in the creation of internship opportunities with our business community and the matching of veterans to those opportunities.

As a result of the work of this MTEP, a talent pipeline of skilled veterans with degrees and/or certificates will be created to fill demand occupations within our local Tampa Bay industries.