Interns with Employers in the Tampa Bay Area


This site is designed to connect both employers and those seeking internship opportunities in both Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. Eligible interns will be those nearing the end of their educational program/certification or have successfully completed within the last 6 months.

Benefits of Internships:

Finding future employees. An internship program is a proven recruiting tool; an ongoing pipeline of future employees, saving the cost of recruiting and hiring!

According to a 2009 Internship Survey,
  • 67.7% of 2007-08 interns were offered full-time positions;
  • 83.6% of these offers were accepted; and
  • 35.3% of employers’ full-time, entry-level hires came from their internship programs.
“Test drive” the intern
Hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a full-time employee.
  • Increasing employee-retention rate. The proof for the test-driving theory is in the positive employee retention figures: According to the same Internship Survey, almost 40% of employers reported a higher five-year retention rate among employees they’d hired via an internship program.
  • Enhancing perspective. New people bring with them novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths and skill sets.